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Frequent Questions and Answers 

Q: How much is a visit if I don’t have insurance?
A: Self pay visits start at $65. This does not include any additional tests or labs. 

Q: Can I self pay for a visit instead of billing my insurance?

A: Yes, however you will be required to sign a waiver stating that you do not want your heath information disclosed to your insurance. We are required to obtain this since we are in network with most major insurance companies. 

Q: Why do you charge my insurance company more than you charge for self pay?

A: We are paid contracted rates with all insurance companies. These are non negotiable and vary slightly based on the contract. Charges are set to ensure that we receive the full contracted rate. We offer a significant discount for patients that prompt pay at the time of service. By paying up front we can eliminate the cost of billing services and pass the savings on to our patients. 

Q: If I self pay, can I later turn this in on my insurance?

A: No, by paying up front for our services, you are being offered a discount that is not transferable to your insurance company. You will be required to sign a waiver stating that your health information will not be disclosed to your insurance company. 

Q: Who are the Doctors at your office?

A: All of our facilities are staffed with Family Nurse Practitioners. We do not have a physician onsite. We do have 3 MDs that collaborate with our NPs and provide oversight as required by Ga law. These are Dr Stanley Ireland, Dr Paul Miranda and Dr Gary Smith. 

Q: What hospital are you affiliated with?

A: We are not affiliated with any hospital. We are privately owned. 

Q: Do you do X-rays?

A: We do not have X-ray onsite. We do however utilize a local imaging service and can get results back same day if needed. 

Q: Do you do have a lab onsite?

A: We do have a lab in our office. Much of our testing will be sent to Quest or LabCorp for processing. 

Q: Can I come get my labs drawn at your office if I have a lab order from a different doctor?

A: As a courtesy to our patients that see us for Primary Care, we will draw and process labs from other MDs. We do not do this for patients that do not routinely see us for their health care. . 

Q: Can I self pay for labs?

A: Yes, we offer discounted lab prices for patients that pay up front for this service. Patients that use this service will not be sent a bill for lab work. You will need to notify us PRIOR to labs being drawn if you want to utilize this service. 

Q: Who do I call if I have a question about my lab bill?

A: Labs that are sent out are not billed thru our office. You will need to contact the company that billed you for the processing of your lab. For most labs this will be Quest or LabCorp. 

Q: Who do I call about my bill from your office?

A: We now do our billing at our Flintstone location. You can call or email and ask for Casey. She works 9-5 Monday thru Friday. 

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